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National Building Museum Honor Award 2015

  • In keeping with the garden party theme we created a flower frame for the main stage of the event.
  • We created a garden entryway with live trees, flowering plants, and lush mosses.
  • We incorporated four different designs for the dinner tables. In this design huckleberry vine surrounds woodland plants.


Client National Building Museum Honor Award 2015


We brought the outside into the National Building Museum for their annual Honor Award event with garden party style, complete with huckleberry, tons of African violets, and even tiny birds!

After, we donated the flowers to Roots of Development, which helps impoverished communities acquire the financial resources and organizational skills they need to manage their own development, and to City Blossoms, which facilitates the creation of kid-driven, community engaging, creative green spaces in the DC area. Fortuitously, both organizations had fundraising events that coincided with the donation where the flowers and plants served to defray any decorating cost.